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Size (L,W,H) 32cm(L)x22cm(W)x3.5cm(H)
Packing size 15 bag/ carton (15kg)
Net weight 1 bag x 1kg
Toxicity No (please see more detail in MSDS of this product)
Environmental friendly Yes
Hanger Hanger is designed to hang desiccant on the hook of container easily
Packing type - Closed PE bag.

- Nonwoven fabric closed by sealing heat or sewing.

- Tyvek paper, made by special SPUNPOND

Absorbent capability - Adsorption capacity up to 130% than their weight

- Designed to continue absorbing for more than 45 days; adequate

for the transit time of any container

Application - Agriculture product: Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Flour, Rice, Copra, Cashew nut, Fruits,


- Wood and paper products: Furniture, Timber, Paper,…

- Leather: Footwear, Bags, Garments,…

- Metal products: Steel sheets, Coils,

- Auto spare-parts, Aluminum billets,…

- Machinery & Electrical goods: Cables, Computers, Home or industrial appliances, toys,…

- Glass and glass products

- Department stores merchandise

- Chemicals

- Textiles: Garments & Fabrics