Moving the cargo through different climate zones can face to the risk of water condensed, corrosion or mold growing. All these problems can result a customer complaint or a claim and will bring you a lot of headache. Therefore, it’s important that you need to keep inside of shipping containers dry always


TD-DRY immediately starts to absorb moisture from the surrounding air once it is pulled out of its container. Once captured, the moisture will not re-evaporate into the air.
By absorbing excess moisture in the air, it prevents the relative humidity from reaching dew point and condensation, when the cargo comes from the hot climate zone to the cooler climate zone


With competitive price and higher absorption than many other desiccants on the market, you can save the cost for every container you ship.


With superior absorption capacity, even at low humidity levels, and the ability to effectively protect cargo throughout the entire voyage, you don’t need to worry any longer about moisture condensation


The absorption ability is conducted for TD-Dry desiccant, under constant climate condition of 30oC and 90% relative humidity. This is strongest condition regarding to humidity testing, created by WEISS climatic chamber.
Measurements are taken at regular intervals during 45 days persisted


TD-DRY (packing type: 250gr/sack)-over the 1st day to 45th days, the weight increased from 1000g to 2345g (equal to 135%). This weight increment is the weight of water vapor in the air (humidity) absorbed by desiccant.
(Calculations are made by recalibration the initial weight to 1000g)
This experiment is carried by one of the institutions in Singapore
Our desiccants are designed to continue absorbing for more than 60 days; adequate for the transit time of any container.


Our desiccant are packed in special membranes that allows only one way absorption, thus ensuring the desiccants are completely leak proof and efficient too. The leakage of desiccant can absolutely bring non-satisfaction to your customer, and TD-DRY can help you to avoid that. Compare to other desiccant on the market, TD-DRY has much better leakage free property.


TD-DRY is made from non-toxic mineral salt and recyclable packaging material, so it is safe in use and safe for environment. It can be disposed easily with regular waste.


By drying the relative humidity inside the shipping container, TD-DRY can preserve any product you ship from the condensed water, moldy, corrosion and other un-wanted issues. People usually uses desiccant to protect their cargo for different below products:
- Agriculture product: Pepper, Ginger, Nutmeg, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Flour, Rice, Copra, Cashew nut, Fruits, Tobacco,…
- Wood and paper products: Furniture, Timber, Paper,…
- Leather: Footwear, Bags, Garments,…
- Metal products: Steel sheets, Coils, Auto spare-parts, Aluminum billets,…
- Machinery & Electrical goods: Cables, Computers, Home or industrial appliances, toys,…
- Glass and glass products
- Department stores merchandise
- Chemicals
- Textiles: Garments & Fabrics
- Canned goods


Generally, 6 – 8 poles are required for 20-foot containers and 8 –16 poles for 40-foot containers. The number may vary depending on the length of the voyage, the range of temperatures encountered; the type of cargo protected and amount of water vapor penetrating through the packaging from the inside. In the rainy season, it’s recommended to use more desiccants.


The information rendered in this brochure is just a short overview and is noncommittal. We kindly ask you to refer to the local conditions and the materials applied when using the desiccant bags.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further inquiries you may have regarding to moisture or humidity problems in container shipment. We would be happy to assist you
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The company's main product is a desiccant specialized for industry and agriculture. Starting with a small company with few employees, rudimentary equipment, only 4 products were launched and not many people know it. But with serious work and continuous improvement efforts to bring the best products for customers, after more than 5 years the company has become more and more professional, kind of products and got many customers.

Today, Thanh Dung International Co., Ltd has more than 100 medium and large partners throughout the country. More than 20 desiccant products with diverse kinds are launched.

Thanh Dung International Co., Ltd with the motto: “CREDIBILITY first. Business must come from HEART”. Since then, the equipment has been improved, all stages of production and raw materials for manufacturing of the company have been strictly inspected before being delivered to customers.

Thanh Dung International Co., Ltd has been making strategic plans to develop the company stronger, as well as offering many products to meet the needs of customers.

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